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1st International CAM Conference

1st international CAM Conference

The 1st CAM Conference was held via zoom at 07./08.02.2022 with over 300 participants from 36 countries.

It was accepted as a COST  training school to teach newcomers in this technique and its enormous potential for different applications, not only in cancer research.

We had a tough time shedule with key notes, educational sessions and research talks over two full days.

A highlight was the plenary session with Dr. Gribaldo from the European Commission JRC with the topic "Innovative strategies in biomedical research: human based models".

The main topics were:

  • CAM and angiogenesis (12 talks) The CAM as a modelforthestudy of angiogenesis
  • Tumor biology (16 talks) Whatdoesthe CAM xenografttellusaboutcancerfeatures
  • CAM and immuno-oncology (4 talks) The chickenembryo – an immuno-competentmodelfor IO basedscreening
  • CAM model and tumor heterogeneity (6 talks) Modeling tumorheterogeneity in the CAM model
  • CAM model and imaging (11 talks) The CAM model and imaging
  • ex ovo and special applications (6 talks) Once you go ex ovo with your eggs, you never go back

Special Issue in Cancers has been anounced as a result of this conference "The Chorioallantoic Membrane (CAM) Model – Traditional and State-of–the Art Applications: The 1st International CAM Conference"

We have to thank the following sponsors: