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CAM Newsletter 11/2022

CAM Newsletter 11/2022


Dear colleagues

As discussed during our 1st CAM conference I promised to release a Newsletter one time a year about our activities, efforts and publications.

We have collected some interesting topics for you.

Thanks to Dagmar Fischer for her help.

Enjoy reading

Best wishes
Yours Regine Schneider-Stock
Experimental Tumorpathology Erlangen


CAM Faces

We will introduce every year a panel of 4 researchers that have significantly contributed in the field of the CAM model. The question catalogue also includes a few details about the specific personality of the person. If we have awaken your interest
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CAM trouble shooting and tricks

We will always include a part about problems, handling, limitations, tricks, and trouble shootings when using the CAM model. We would be happy to receive suggestions and topics also from you! This time we address the question with fungal contamination.

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CAM issue in Cancers

I am very happy to announce that we have collected an impressive number of very interesting papers from whole Europe for the CAM issue. A few papers are still under reviewing. This issue will convincingly demonstrate the broad application spectrum of the CAM model in Cancers.

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Collection of CAM associated papers and arguments why to citate

After sending the round e-mail I have received many replies giving the corresponding paper and a short notice: „we demonstrated that …“. There is a big chance to strengthen our CAM community by giving appropriate citations.

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CAM Images

After my call for sending impressive images of the CAM model, I have received a number of interesting pictures, drawings and images. You can enjoy


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2nd International CAM conference 05./06. February 2024
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in Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany

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